Chicago man helps stop would-be burglar in Canaryville

CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) - A South Side Chicago man helped the Chicago Police Department foil three would-be-burglars attempt to break into a home in Canaryville Thursday morning.

19-year-old Joe Bossard was at a local park with his mother when she received a call saying his aunt's home was being burglarized.

"My aunt's neighbor down the alley saw it happening and actually filmed it while calling the police. After calling the police, she called my mom," Bossard told FOX 32 News.

That's when Bossard took off running toward his aunt's house in an effort to stop the alleged burglars in their tracks. When he arrived at his aunt's house in the 4200 block of South Wallace Ave., the police were already on scene.

Police officers, along with Bossard, attempted to enter the front door, but it was locked. So, Bossard led the officers into the back yard of the home. After letting the officers into the property, Bossard went back to the front of the house and saw one of the suspects jump the fence and run off.

"I chased the one closest to me and got ahold of him. I was able to hold on to him until one of the officers grabbed him. Then, I ran towards the direction I saw the other man running to and sprinted for a little less than a block and saw him cross 43rd Street. I ran across the street just in time to see he turned into an alley. I got about five feet from him and was about to grab him when a policeman showed up and told him to stop running and to put his hands up."

Bossard told FOX 32 News the officers were able to apprehend all three suspects at the scene. It is not yet clear if the suspects have been charged. FOX 32 News reached out to the Chicago Police Department for comment. Stay tuned for updates on this story.