Chaos erupts in courtroom as man accused of killing 3 girls in Clinton, Maryland appears in court

The bond review hearing for the suspect accused of stabbing three little girls to death Friday, ended in chaos Monday.

Shortly before 25-year-old Antonio Williams was brought before the judge, a large crowd of family and supporters entered the courtroom, accompanied by sheriff's deputies.

The courtroom was stifling to begin with as the air conditioning was not working and tension was building. Judge Patrice Lewis twice told deputies to move to the side so they would not block the public's view of the proceedings.

As Williams was brought into the courtroom, he struggled and yelled. He seemed disoriented - saying "I'm not the one you're looking for" and "He's here."

His mother - who discovered the bodies of her 6-year-old daughter and two nieces Friday morning - stood and cried. She bristled as deputies asked her to sit. At the defendant's table, three deputies held Williams to his chair, while lawyers tried to calm him down.

Williams continued his outbursts, saying "I'm not going!"

At that point, Lewis stopped the hearing and ordered a mental competency evaluation to be completed by Aug. 29.

Williams began heaving. His mother stood, crying out to him "Tony! Mommy loves you!"

While she and her family were escorted out of the courtroom, she yelled out, "He needs me!"

On the other side of the aisle - the fathers of the murdered girls lunged. As family and more deputies held them back, there were shouts, "Your daughter needed you!" "(Expletive) you! (Expletive) you and your whole family!" "I hope you rot in hell!"

Outside the courthouse, Prince George's County States Attorney Angela Alsobrooks said the hearing was one of the most excruciating she's witnessed.

"We had two fathers in the courtroom grieving for their daughters who are expected to start first grade this week and the other daughter third grade," said Alsobrooks, noting that the dads spent time last week school shopping. "Instead they were here determining how to bury their children."