CEO of Carter Center reflects on Jimmy Carter legacy on 98th birthday

It’s a big day for former President Jimmy Carter as he celebrates his 98th birthday on Saturday. 

Carter is the longest living president in US History.

"Influential, memorable, and passionate," Paige Alexander said. 

Those are just three of many words CEO of the Carter Center Paige Alexander uses to describe the former president. 

"In the 98 years he’s been around, he’s done a lot with public service. He was in the Navy, being governor, state senator, president and humanitarian," Alexander said. 

Carter has a long history of service as he served as a Georgia Senator. Carter went on to be the 76th Governor of the Peach State before becoming the 39th President of the United States.

"It’s been 98 active years. Last weekend, he was seen out at the peanut festival in Plains. This is a man that truly lived out his passion and his entire life has been like that," Alexander said. 

Carter’s legacy is immeasurable.

"I think education is a big part of what interests him and the concept of making sure people are properly educated, so their healthcare is taken care of. Their human rights taken care of. His legacy is leaving that behind, so people can empower each other," Alexander said. 

The Carter Center held a dedication ceremony Friday for a peace bell gifted to Carter in 1985 by Japan. The bell was originally taken from a temple during World War II.

It’s a big day for the Carter Center as well as they celebrate 40 years.

"It gives people a sense of ‘this is our native son’ and everything he’s left behind and left in Georgia to take advantage of. To enjoy the ground, farmers market. There’s so much here," Alexander said. 

There’s one saying Alexander says Carter lives and breathes by. 

"He said you have to adjust to changing times but adjust to unchanging principals," Alexander said. 

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