Central Florida woman withdrawing part of coronavirus stimulus payment finds $8.5 million in bank account

Millions of Americans are checking their bank accounts on Tuesday as they anxiously await the arrival of their coronavirus stimulus check.

On Tuesday, Diana Lagulli sent in a photo of her latest ATM receipt to only FOX 35 News. She said that she was withdrawing part of her coronavirus stimulus payment at a Wawa in Sanford when she spotted the remaining balance at $8.5 million. 

"I laughed and told our son, look, your parents are millionaires," she told FOX 35 News. However, the $8.5 million was not actually in the account when she checked with the bank. 

DIANA receipt 1

Apparently, this was not the first time this has happened to her either. On Monday, after withdrawing funds from an ATM, the account's balance was at $3.5 million. Again, the money was not actually there.

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A similar incident happened to a man in Indiana. A report said that after withdrawing money from his account, his remaining account balance was $8.2 million. However, by the time he called his bank to tell them the news, the money was gone.

According to a senior Treasury official, the majority of eligible Americans will receive their coronavirus aid payments no later than April 15. Individuals will get $1,200 and married couples will get $2,400. Adults will also get $500 for each child who qualifies. Those who filed federal income tax returns in 2018 and 2019, as well as most seniors and retirees, will have their payments directly deposited into their bank accounts. Those who do not have direct deposit set up will receive a check.

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