Ceiling collapses in Md. family's apartment

A Prince George's County family said the ceiling of their apartment has caved into their bedroom and claim they are getting the runaround from building management.

Christopher Hunt said he first told management about the water damage to his ceiling in late November. He even took video of it on his phone.

"This is the end result after a month and a half - numerous times letting them know that my ceiling was molding, my walls were dripping brown goo mold and they told me that they were going to bring somebody up here to check on it and see the problem," said Hunt. "Nobody ever came. Not one time did they follow up."

On Monday, his next-door neighbor's ceiling caved in. But no one did anything to get his family out of harm's way. So Hunt, his wife and their 2-year-old daughter slept in their living room for safety.

But on Wednesday, he went into the bedroom alone because the baby was fussing and he needed to sleep before work.

"I woke up to the ceiling crashing down on me," Hunt said. "A piece of wood hit me on the head."

He was not hurt, but is completely fed up because he was told they would be immediately moved to another apartment and it has not happened.

"We were told the first day the ceiling came down that … to pack all of our stuff, the moving crew is going to come in and move us to another unit," he said.

The Donaldson Group, which owns the apartment complex, told FOX 5 Hunt turned down the first unit they offered. He said that is not true.

"They did not come," said Hunt. "They had no intentions on showing up until [FOX 5] came. I didn't even get a key so that was a troubling sign already."

Property management did bring in machines to the apartment to suck the moisture out of the air and had the carpet removed.

On Friday evening, a man did show up to help move the Hunt family out. But the family told us he was sort of flustered that he was sent here at the last minute and was only by himself. The family told the man not to worry about trying to move them because they did not even have the key to their new apartment.

At 9 p.m. Friday, the key to the apartment finally arrived and the Hunts are now set to move into their new place Saturday morning.