Cats rescued from Ukraine looking for forever homes in DMV

A local animal rescue is welcoming 24 cats from Ukraine in hopes of finding them homes in the DMV region.

Homeward Trails Animal Rescue volunteers spent two weeks at an animal shelter in Ukraine and rescued the cats who had been awaiting adoptive homes in the country for months as the war with Russia continues.

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"Having just gotten to know all these kitties while we were in Ukraine caring for them and learning of their harrowing rescue stories, we are just so glad to be able to welcome them here and get to work in securing loving homes for them," says Homeward Trails Executive Director Sue Bell.

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The cats arriving have varied stories including being rescued from bombed-out buildings and animal shelters to being given up by loving owners who had to flee the country, unsure if they would return. 

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Some of the cats arriving will soon be headed to HT’s partner Crumbs & Whiskers, the Georgetown cat café, which will allow these cats to go from the streets of a war-torn country to the luxury of the café and onward to loving adoptive homes.

The cats will arrive at Dulles on Thursday and then will head to the HT Adoption Center for intake.