Cat survives being shot with arrow

Jane Morris comforted her precious cat Reese on Tuesday night. The cat is now confined to a cage, because she can't walk -- her front was leg injured after being hit by a crossbow arrow on Sunday.

"She came running on the front porch extremely fast and ran right past me and collapsed and as soon as I saw her I saw the arrow sticking out and I rushed over two her," Morris said.

A heartbreaking photo shows the crossbow arrow which had pierced the body of poor Reese entering near her chest are and coming out near her side by her tail.

"It makes me sick, it breaks my heart and makes me sick because everybody in this neighborhood has animals, everybody has cats or dogs and there's children, everybody has kids, and the kids play in these woods and it's really scary to know that there's someone out there who would do this to an animal," Morris said.

She says she filed a report with animal control and Reese was rushed to the hospital where she underwent surgery.

"It's a crossbow arrow is what is says on it," Morris said.

Morris kept the arrow that was lodged inside her cat hoping it will generate clues.

"I'm would like hopefully somebody to recognize this bow and maybe know who was in those woods Sunday around 4:20, somebody knows who was in those woods Sunday around 4:20," Morris said.

Morris tells FOX 35 she is offering a $200 reward for information.