CareerBuilder Survey: More workers calling in sick when they aren't

Are your co-worker's really sick when they call out of work? A new survey by CareerBuilder says more people are faking it.

The survey says 40 percent of workers have called in sick in the last year, even when they weren't -- a five percent increase from 2016.

The survey also reports 28 percent of workers who have paid time off still feel the need to make up an excuse for taking a day off.

The results report that 38 percent of employers have checked up on a sick worker and 26 percent have fired someone for using a fake excuse.

In addition, more workers are getting caught inappropriately using sick time on social media. CareerBuilder says its survey found 43 percent have caught an employee lying about being sick by checking out their social media posts. That's up from 34 percent from the previous year.

The survey also says that more than a third of workers have come to the office sick instead of staying home so they can save sick days for when they're feeling well!