Car wash in drought-stricken California claims to use only one cup of water

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. - A car wash in drought-stricken California claims to use just one cup of water to clean your car.

Eco Green Auto Clean in Redwood City has found a way to wash cars even when there are water restrictions in place.

"We clean a car with a cup of water," says owner Anton Van Happen.

Van Happen started Eco Green Auto Clean about two years ago using a spray solution with what he says are all natural ingredients.

"When you spray the formula on the car it breaks the dirt particles away from the paint on the car. So with a micro-fiber towel you are lifting off loose dirt," he said.

After drying it with another towel, he says the process works better than water.

The cost to clean most cars is $25 for the exterior and $35 if you include the interior.

Customers seem to like the outcome and they like not wasting water -- even recycled water which most traditional car washes use.