Car crash victim credits mystery nurse for helping save his life

A Gaithersburg family is trying to track down a nurse who helped save their son's life after a car crash over the weekend.

Matt Gault crashed into a guardrail while trying to make a last-minute exit from Interstate 495 onto Interstate 270 just after midnight on Saturday. The 20-year-old lost his leg in the crash and almost lost his life.

His parents said had it not been for the nurse who drove by the scene, he most likely would have died. Now they are trying to track her down and thank the Good Samaritan.

Robyn and Chris Gault said a portion of the rail broke through the bottom of the car and severed their son's right leg below the knee. Surprisingly, two of his friends in the back seat of the vehicle were not hurt.

According to Gault's parents, a nurse happened to be following behind Gault when the crash happened and an off-duty firefighter was not far behind.

Even though he lost his leg, Gault did not suffer any other serious injuries.

"He could have bled out, but he didn't," said Chris Gault. "So I think a lot of it was she really helped him out to get through that."

"He keeps talking about her and talking about her," said Robyn Gault. "He keeps talking about this C-spine position and how she kept whispering in his ear to try to calm him down. He just keeps talking about this nurse - that if she wasn't there, who knows what would have happened."

The Gault family has reached out to people on Facebook looking for this nurse. They know she was wearing navy blue scrubs at the time.

Neither the police nor fire and rescue departments know her name either. But the family hopes word will spread so they can personally thank her.