Captain White's Seafood leaving Municipal Fish Market at The Wharf

Captain White

Captain White's Seafood is leaving the Municipal Fish Market at The Wharf after a ruling in a case the Whites filed against D.C. and Hoffman-Madison Waterfront, FOX 5 has confirmed.

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Hoffman-Madison Waterfront released a statement with the information saying the market will continue to serve the community with Jessie Taylor Seafood as the "anchor of the market."

Hoffman-Madison Waterfront's full statement is below:

"The operators of Captain White’s Seafood have informed us that they have decided to leave the Municipal Fish Market following a US District Court ruling earlier this year in a case the Whites filed against the District of Columbia and Hoffman-Madison Waterfront affiliates.

During its centuries of existence, the Municipal Fish Market has been home to dozens of different fish, produce, and food vendors and will continue to do so after the departure of Captain Whites—with the beloved Jessie Taylor Seafood remaining the anchor of the market.

Years before construction of The Wharf began, The Wharf development and operations teams worked tirelessly with District Officials to provide additional customer parking, security, and sanitation services to help preserve and grow the existing customer base of the Municipal Fish Market.

Hoffman-Madison Waterfront remains committed to preserving the legacy and vibrancy of the Municipal Fish Market that serves as a true gathering place for DC and will continue to carry on the rich tradition of small and local vendors selling fresh and affordable seafood at The Wharf for years to come."


Captain White's has been a family-owned and operated restaurant since 1972, according to their Facebook page.