California family, missing Disney, puts on a 'Fantasmic!' show in backyard

A family who has been following their at stay-at-home orders during the pandemic have truly been missing one thing they love: Disney.

Kathryn Satistevan, who lives in California, recorded video of her son putting on an impressive performance of Disney's "Fantasmic!" nightly show, starring Mickey Mouse. The show is known for its stunning pyrotechnics, effect and "dancing water."

But, being stuck at home, the family had to improvise. Satistevan told FOX 13 the performance took place in their own backyard -- and it seemed spot on. Their at-home hose was the source of the special water effects. 

"Anyone else missing Disneyland?" Satistevan wrote in her Facebook post. "If so, his might help."

Her son dressed up as Mickey and stood on chair, using it as his stage. The camera angle doesn't reveal how his brother is working behind-the-scenes until the very end of Satistevan's video.