Burlesque dancer not allowed to board JetBlue flight because shorts deemed inappropriate

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A burlesque dancer attempting to board a JetBlue flight said she was told to cover up because her shorts were too short.

The incident happened on May 18 as the Seattle woman was trying to fly home from Boston.

Maggie McMuffin said she was wearing a sweater, white-and-black striped shorts and thigh-high striped socks, but was asked to change before she boarded her flight.

McMuffin said she did not have any other clothes to change into and offered to tie her sweater around her waist and even asked for a blanket to cover up, but still was not allowed on board.

She claims she flew into Boston wearing the same outfit that day and had no issues.

After being offered to be booked on another flight, she ended up buying $22 pajama bottoms at the airport in order to board the flight.

McMuffin believes this incident is connected to body shaming and misogyny.

"My problem with this is that it's entirely subjective," said McMuffin. "And when we start to make women's bodies subjective, we get into a lot of shaky areas as a society. I feel this is just a small indicator of that."

For the trouble, JetBlue has offered McMuffin a $162 flight credit and her money back on the pants she purchased. But she said the incident still has her upset and she wants an apology from the pilot who made the decision.