"Breastfeeding Welcome" sign in restaurants sparks debate

A movement to hang "Breastfeeding Welcome" signs in front of restaurants across Decatur is gaining praise and raising some eyebrows.

Decatur High senior Sophie Mumper, who took on the cause for her high school senior project, said she approached dozens of restaurants across the city, to display the signs on their windows; ten, so far, have agreed to support her endeavor.

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"There's no need to feel shame," Mumper said, who received the signs from the Georgia Breastfeeding Coalition to give to local establishments.

Participating restaurants said they wanted to send their patrons a message that feeding mothers and their babies are welcome to enjoy their establishment without fear of judgment.

Not every everyone agrees with the project's mission.

"Restaurants wouldn't be ready for that attention," said one restaurant worker, who believes public breastfeeding makes other patrons uncomfortable.

"That's private- you and your baby," said another woman, who believes breastfeeding should be done privately.

The Georgia Breastfeeding Coalition tells FOX 5, although state law allows women to breastfeed anywhere in public, women still face backlash, without any legal repercussions.