Bowser: City crews did 'a pretty good job'; schools 'up and running for the kids'

New D.C. mayor Muriel Bowser held a press conference Tuesday to discuss the city's response to the first snow storm of 2015 and the first of her administration.

When asked if she was disappointed with the level of response, she said she would have liked a smoother commute.

"We made the best decisions with the information that we had – given that we thought the snow would start at a certain time, we thought that it would warmer, and we thought there would be less snow. And so we proceeded with that information."

"I think the crews got out with the information that we had and did a pretty good job, though I'm not satisfied with the level of traffic backup that we had," she continued.

When asked about city schools, Bowser said they were ready and open to receive the children, with heat, with teachers, and instruction and food service all available to them.

"I am pleased that our school are up and running for the kids," she said.

Bowser continued, "We are certainly going to review all of the information and the decisions that were made. One thing for sure, I think it's my responsibility to make sure that the government is open and that it is safe for our residents to get there and for our employees to get there. I will work with my team to make sure that all of our leave policies are clear. So that if in the case there are employees that think they cannot get to work safely they will have the opportunity to use liberal leave."

Mayor Bowser said that there were reports of delays in getting students to school Tuesday. Most of the delays put students 20 to 40 minutes behind, she said.

"What I'm focused on now is that the kids were received at their schools, in warm, safe buildings by teachers who were there and ready to instruct them," she continued.

"It is a relatively minor storm, and we can have bigger storms - that's for sure. It is my belief that when we have bad weather, that's when the residents of the District of Columbia need the government the most. So my challenge to my team will be to make sure we are ready to open the government and the schools."