Bowie students face possible discipline, charges after senior prank involving water guns, fireworks

A group of students involved in a senior prank at Bowie High School last week could be facing disciplinary action or criminal charges after school officials said they rushed into the school wearing masks, carrying water guns and setting off fireworks, which resulted in police responding to the scene.

The prank took place at around 10:45 a.m. on May 15. Principal Robynne Prince sent out a letter to parents last week about the incident saying:

"Dear Parents and Guardians,

"I would like to inform you about an incident that occurred at the Bowie High School main building today.

"Around 10:45 am a small group of students participated in an inappropriate 'senior prank' that resulted in a school evacuation. The prank involved spraying students and staff with squirt guns and setting off fireworks in the hallway.

"School administration is taking this incident very seriously and coordinating with local police; the students involved will be held accountable to the full extent of the law and disciplined according to the PGCPS Student Code of Conduct.

"I am really disappointed by the dangerous and reckless behavior displayed by this small group of students. I know they do not represent the student body of Bowie HS, nor do they represent all the amazing accomplishments of our senior class.

"If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at 301-805-2600. Thank you for your continued support."

A spokesperson for Prince George's County Public Schools said the investigation into the prank is underway. The police chief for the Bowie Police Department said that his office is involved in the investigation as well.

School security officials and administrators will take the lead on possible discipline for the students, but the police chief said if charges need to be filed, his department will step in.