Boomer Esiason 'insulted' by postponement of 'American Sniper' screenings at University of Maryland

A former NFL quarterback and University of Maryland alumnus is blasting a decision to not screen the film "American Sniper" on campus after complaints from its Muslim Students Association.

Boomer Esiason, a radio host and a commentator for "The NFL Today" on CBS, says he is offended by the decision.

At Byrd Stadium on campus, it is not hard to see that Esiason is one of the biggest names to ever attend the University of Maryland.

On Thursday, the former star Terrapins quarterback, posted on Twitter: never donating another dime to U of MD. As a 9/11/01 victim I'm deeply saddened and insulted. #ChrisKyle is a HERO!

"He definitely has a right to say that," said one student. "I'm kind of disappointed they canceled the movie as well."

"If his money isn't being used for what he wants it to be used for, he has a right to say that he's not going to donate," said another student.

But others say they are sad to see Esiason at odds with the school.

"I think maybe he should come talk to the University and see if there is something he can do to work it out," said student Alannah Bernstein.

This all started when the Muslim Students Association went on Facebook writing, "American Sniper only perpetuates the spread of Islamophobia" and is "offensive to many Muslims."

But there has been a backlash on the group's Facebook page. One person posted, "So I guess that any speech you do not agree with is hate speech and any speech you like is free speech?"

The screening of the movie was the idea of the Student Entertainment Events group. University officials put out a statement saying, "The University of Maryland was not involved in the decision to postpone or cancel the showing of American Sniper. This decision was made by Student Entertainment Events, a student-led organization comprised of undergraduate students who work alongside advisors in the creation, promotion, and operation of campus events."

"They have a huge problem on their hands," said Dana Perino, a former White Press secretary and co-host of Fox News' "The Five."

She said the university not only alienated lots of people, but its most famous alumnus.

"When Boomer Esiason says I'm not giving another dime to the University of Maryland, that is a much bigger deal and they could have avoided it," she said.

Student Entertainment Events said they are standing by their decision to not show the movie on May 6 and 7. But the group insists the screenings are being postponed and not canceled, even though they have not said when it will be rescheduled.