BODY WASH BANDITS: Thieves steal dozens of bottles of Dove Body Wash worth $800 in St. Mary's County

St. Mary's County sheriff's deputies are searching for a pair of suspects accused of a bizarre crime - walking into a CVS store and stealing several bottles of body wash.

You may be wondering if an $8 bottle of Dove Body Wash is really worth the squeeze. Investigators believe these thieves care less about the price tag and more about the ease of finding a buyer.

Surveillance cameras captured this daring duo for slipping out of a Lexington Park CVS with dozens of bottles of the body wash.

"Right now, it's over 80 bottles of body wash," said St. Mary's County Sheriff's Office Cpl. Julie Yingling. "Approximately $800 worth of merchandise."

Authorities say it happened back on Nov. 14 at around 6 p.m. at the CVS store off of Three Notch Road.

"One was carrying a backpack and one had a jacket on," said Yingling. "They proceeded to take several bottles of the Dove Body Wash. They left the store. Within minutes later, they came back - this time without the backpack and utilized the jacket to take the remaining bottles of the Dove Body Wash, and cleaned off the shelf."

Several days later, some shelves in the store still sit empty. Investigators say these thieves are likely looking for a liquid asset they can quickly turn around and resell.

"I know that we do have issues where people will steal razors," Yingling said. "I believe laundry detergent was a thing as well that they would use for the resale sites that you see on Facebook and on the internet. Typically that is where these mass quantities of theft items will end up - on the yard sale sites."

The sheriff's office spokesperson added, "It's the quantity and they can sell them for much cheaper than the stores, so people will buy them in bigger quantities."

In the meantime, detectives will be scrubbing the web for any sign of the suspects.

An employee told FOX 5 that the store may consider keeping Dove Body Wash behind the counter from now on.

If you have any information about the suspects, you are asked to call Cpl. Patrick Handy at 301-475-4200, ext. 8023, or by emailing