Black Lives Matter movement a 'mess' and media is 'biased' say Trump supporters 'Diamond and Silk'

Lynnette 'Diamond' Hardaway and Rochelle 'Silk' Richardson - better known as Trump-supporting hosts of 'The Viewers View', 'Diamond and Silk,' - joined us Wednesday to share their thoughts on President Trumps first days in the White House.


"You know, I think it's time to stop protesting and sit down and let President Trump work for you," Hardaway told FOX 5's Allison Seymour. "It's really time for those protesters to either get on the 'Trump Train' or get out of the way before they get ran over." Hardaway also added she feels many of those protesting have been paid to do so.


"First of all, we call it 'temporary pause' on immigration until we properly vet people that are coming into our country," Hardaway said about Trump's executive order to restrict travel from seven Muslim-majority countries. Hardaway referenced incidents like the San Bernardino attack and the Boston Marathon bombings to reinforce the need for the change. "We already have enough problems in this country. We don't need to add it to. It's a pause - so that we can properly vet people when they coming into our country."

"Where were the protests when President Obama did the same thing in 2011?" Richardson added, referencing the 2011 action the Obama administration took to slow processing for Iraqi nationals seeking refuge following the arrests of two Iraqi nationals on terrorism-related charges.

As far as those who were caught up in the travel restrictions - Hardaway says it was for the good of the country. Hardaway said that the inconvenience was necessary and similar to what happened in the aftermath of the September 11th attacks.


"Because he don't waver. He don't back down and he's going to do what he say he is going to do," Hardaway said when asked why the sisters are suck vocal Trump supporters. "We sent him to do a job and he's doing his job and we love it!"

"The common sense approach he takes with these different issues. It's the common sense approach that resonates with all Americans," Richardson said. "That's why he's in office right now and that's why he is President Donald Trump."


"Hold up. I don't see eye to eye with the Black Lives Matter movement because their movement is now a mess," Hardaway told Seymour after a previous interview showing their support for the group was mentioned. "Listen, I can be on your team. I understand that there are bad apples - we will get rid of the bad apples. But we cannot treat our police like we don't need them. Because when something go down at my house, I can't call Black Lives Matter. I pick up the phone and I call 911."

"I am in agreement with the President. We have to have law and order. We can no longer have chaos," Hardaway continued.


"Because they are biased," Hardaway said when asked by Seymour why the sisters don't like the media. "All they do - they take and they twist and they don't tell the truth."

"Like they said that Hillary Clinton is going to win the election - look how they spread fake news for months," Hardaway continued. "And look who won. We told them President Donald J. Trump was going to be the 45th president. And now look - he's the 45th President of the United States."

"For all people," said Richardson.