Beyond The Lens - Day in the DMV: Rebuilding of Ellicott City

July 30 was considered a normal day for shop owners on Main Street in Ellicott City. But that all changed during the evening as torrential rain passed through the area causing huge flooding through the heart of the Maryland city.

Many businesses and homes were severely damaged while vehicles as well as people were even seen washed away as the raging waters consumed the historic street.

"I've talked to people that have lost absolutely hundreds of thousands of dollars of merchandise down the river," said one resident. "Years and years of business growth down the river. Houses they lived at for ten years down the river."

"It went dark for a while because people didn't know what they could do or not do in Ellicott City," a business owner told us. "The rebuilding aspect is a little daunting, but it will come. People will find out we are open."

But one person stated it best about its residents: "Ellicott City is a unique place. Unique in that it's a community that supports itself."

In a few months, the city regrouped, came together and rebuilt.

"I don't think there are a lot of towns that would wash away and every person wants to come back to it," said the resident.