Beyond The Lens - Day in the DMV: Maryland Fleet Week

Maryland Fleet Week celebrates the rich naval traditions that can be found right here in the Chesapeake Bay region.

This past October, FOX 5 photo-journalist, Indira Levine, experienced the celebration in one of the best ways possible - on a chopper flight over the bay and from the deck of a guided missile cruiser!

The morning began before sunrise at Martin State Airport in Maryland. Levine, and FOX 5 reporter Bob Barnard, left on a chopper that flew over the Chesapeake and landed on the deck of the USS Leyte Gulf.

Launched over 30 years ago, the USS Leyte Gulf was named after the World War II battle of the same name.

She and Barnard witnesses the power of the ship as it powered up the Chesapeake to the harbor in Baltimore.