Bethesda airsoft gun range will close after community backlash 

The owner of Aim Point inside the Westfield Montgomery Mall said it was supposed to be a place to have a fun. The community thought otherwise.

On November 22, AIM Point opened it’s doors to the public across from the food court in Montgomery Mall.

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After paying a small fee, customers are given an AR-15-style airsoft gun to target shoot.

Once community members caught wind of the business negative comments and complaints online began sprouting up.

“I have no interest in something like that,” says one patron. “Especially with what’s going on in our country with guns. I understand safety and all that but I wouldn’t want my kids going into a mall and shooting at targets with an assault rifle or airsoft gun whatever it is.”

Community members told FOX 5 that a targeting range inside The Montgomery Mall is offensive given the mall shooting that took place inside the mall’s parking garage in March of 2018.

The owner told FOX 5 that the complaints reached the level of upper management at the mall.

The owner of the store was given a termination letter effectively ending the store’s one year lease early.

Aim Point’s last day of business will be on January 10, 2020.