Berkley toddler tests positive for coronavirus, family all reports having underlying conditions

A 16-month-old toddler is one of the newest cases of coronavirus reported in Michigan. For the Berkley family, the news is especially disheartening because the boy and his parents all have underlying health conditions. 

"Stop taking it effing lightly, THIS IS TERRIFYING. This is our worst nightmare & completely terrifying for our household. Stay home. Please please take this seriously. This could be your child, your grandparent, your loved one," read a social media post from the family.

The worries for the metro Detroit family started after the mother took her son to the Royal Oak Beaumont Hospital with a 104.1 temperature.

While considered much more dangerous to seniors and those with chronic illnesses and compromised immune systems, the family is pleading with people to understand that anyone is susceptible.

The positive case has sparked fears among the toddler's parents because he only has one kidney. Both mom and dad have type one diabetes.

Knowing how dangerous COVID-19 is to people with similar conditions, the family took extra precautions to avoid getting infected. They worked from home and went out in public as little as possible.

It still wasn't enough.

While the family has self-quarantined themselves to avoid spreading the virus further, they do have good news to report. The boy's temperature has returned to normal.

Michigan's estimated coronavirus case total has climbed to 110 - however that number is expected to climb higher in the next few days.

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