Benicia Police volunteer to build wheelchair ramp for woman

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Two dozen members of the Benicia police department are helping to build two wheelchair ramps for a woman who has trouble leaving her home.

Members of the Benicia Police Officers Association, the Benicia Dispatcher's Association and other members of the department started the building project Sunday morning.

The new ramps are being built in the front of the property and in the back of the home.

The officers also helped to clean the woman's yard Sunday, which is something she hasn't been able to do on her own.

"We're also accessing a gate that she hasn't had access to in some time, so she'll have the ability to go out to an open space that at one time, she was able to access with her animals, now she'll be able to do that again," said Benicia Police Officer Ted Criado

Officer Criado said volunteers paid for the fees that were required to build the ramp and make sure it is up to code.

The idea is to make sure similar acts of kindness continue throughout the community, according to Criado.