Beloved musical "The Wiz" goes Go-Go in new adaptation "The Giz"

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"The Giz" is a DC adaptation of the beloved musical "The Wiz" but with a Go-Go Swing. Inspired by the music of the Godfather of GoGo, Chuck Brown, "The Giz" takes the stage at MGM National Harbor for one day only -- August 19, 2018.

The show has an all-star cast of DMV native, including Sugar Bear, London Savoy, Frank Scooby Marshall, DJ Flexx, Tony Redz, Cartier Williams, KK, Nikki Moore, Steve Roy.

"I was honored to do it because I wanted to challenge myself to do something different. You know what I'm saying. I saw the opportunity and, you know, I saw their vision. I really was feeling it," says Go-Go legend Sugar Bear, who plays the Giz.

"It's a journey through dc we get to see our culture and we have different characters -- we don't have a Toto. This is not Kansas much, this Washington D.C., so Dottie needs a chaperone through the city," says Lovail Long.

Dorothy a.k.a. "Dottie" is played by singer and performer London Savoy.

Creators say the show is meant to honor the black community and strong history found in DC.

"Just a D.C. twist to it, to a great classic and it's going to be epic. We just doing it for the culture. Just for the culture," says Salahuddin Mahdi.

"We're doing Vegas-style a lot of your scenes normal stage play where the scenes would be on the stage you watch everything on the stage, some of our scenes are in the audience and it's interactive. If you go Vegas show everything isn't from you, something may pop you right beside you. A lot of scenes are right in the audience interacting witness audience it will definitely get the audience involved and feel like you got your money's worth definitely. The cast will be able to reach out and touch you when they saying lines right to you," says director Vernon Williams.

Serious Company is the house band for the show, with DJ Flexx as DJ and Grand Marshall.

"A lot of the music is what we've heard and before in years past and some of the songs some of The Wiz songs just switched with a Go-Go swing to it," says Williams.

This is the first time something of this sort has been taken on, and it is particularly special to be held at a venie like MGM National Harbor.

"I'm hoping by bringing the youth out they can learn more about our culture and get back to our culture because internet thing is taking over for them to come out, dress up, and fall in love with theater like I did," says Long.

The Giz will be at MGM National Habor on Sunday, August 19. Tickets are still available.