Bay Area home structures "Stranger Things" haunted house

An Orinda family set up a "Stranger Things" themed haunted house and they knocked it out of the park.

The highly anticipated second season of the hit Netflix original series was just released on Oct. 27 and has since seen a considerable amount of social media praise from fans.

Short synopsis of the sci-fi horror series: peculiar incidents take place, people start to disappear (namely Will Byers, a young boy part of a group of four friends) and dark, secretive government agencies get involved with wicked supernatural forces. And there's "The Monster," a creature that terrorized the town and abducted residents.

The Orinda home nailed the key points.

The scene was set up in a garage on Glorietta Ave near Glorietta Elementary school by a family well known for their creative decorations. But this year they separated themselves from the past with an arrangement that mirrored the living room of Joyce Byers, played by Winona Ryder, and even included "The Upside down," an alternate dimension that parallels the real world in the show.

Candy was in a bowl below The Monster, who was steady swiping through wallpaper of the staged living room, mimicking the strange interactions it had with Byers.

Barb, a recurring character from the first season, made an appearance, too. She was draped in a pool hose, as she was sitting beside a pool at a party when she abruptly vanished.

The first season remained one of the most discussed shows online for a substantial amount of time. The early-80s vibe makes it familiar to a large audience and the bike-riding young heroes reel in the younger audience.

The show is fun. And so was this haunted house.