Baltimore restaurant feeds homeless during Restaurant Week

It's Restaurant Week in Baltimore, but one restaurant is open only to the homeless this week.

Michael Tabrizi is the owner of Tabrizi's on the waterfront. He got the idea to help the homeless after meeting a man in his neighborhood.

"He was very genuine. He was basically asking for work," Tabrizi said.

So Tabrizi gave him a few dollars and told him to come by the restaurant, which features Mediterranean cuisine.

"I was thinking about it and I thought - you know what - if I invite Joe, I would like to invite all of them," said Tabrizi.

Now, he is feeding the homeless all week and the meals are on the house.

"It's a blessing to have this served to us like this, ya know. A lot of us woke up this morning and wasn't expecting something like this," said one man.

Tabrizi said it is a wonderful feeling to help people and he is forever changed by the experience.

"I am here just to give them a glimpse of what life can be and give them more hope. And hopefully, one day, their situation will change, said Tabrizi.