Bad day gets worse for Minnesota teen during traffic stop

A bad day for one Minnesota teenager is going viral after the West St. Paul Police Department posted dashboard camera video from a traffic stop online showing the woman racking up violation after violation.

In all, the 19-year-old was cited for at least 9 different things and taken into custody on a theft warrant, with her tickets including a broken taillight, speeding, distracted driving, possession of marijuana, open container and not having a driver's license. She was also eating a sub sandwich while driving, according to police.

"When your day goes from bad to worse... to worse... to worse... to worse... to wor-... Well, just watch the video and you'll understand," the West St. Paul Police Department Tweeted.

It all started when she ran through a four-way stop going well above the speed limit right in front of an officer, and went straight downhill from there. She wasn't carrying a license or insurance, and had a $500 warrant out for her arrest on a theft charge.

Police ultimately took the teenager into custody.