Baby pacifiers discovered in stray dog

A stray dog that once appeared to be starving a few weeks back is happy, healthy, and is awaiting a new home.

Her name is Willow. She's at the Charlotte-Mecklenburg County Animal Shelter.

The two-year-old pit bull mix was found off of Wilkinson Blvd. on Jan. 23.

"She was in really bad condition," said Melissa Knicely, Animal Care and Control Spokesperson. "She could barely walk."

A Good Samaritan found Willow and brought her to the animal shelter where she was fed and tested.

Willow's health wasn't improving so she was brought to Heart and Hand Veterinary Clinic for further examination.

After an x-ray, three baby pacifiers were found inside Willow's stomach. The pacifiers were preventing her from digesting food.

"Basically she was starving to death because when she was eating she couldn't keep anything down," said Dr. Christine Miles.

There's no telling how long the pacifiers were in her stomach but the surgery went well and Willow is at a healthy weight.

Knicely says the procedure was possible through the Second Chance Medical Fund, a program funded through private donations, allowing animals like Willow to get the surgeries they need.

"Before the fund, maybe the outcome for Willow would not have been as great," said Knicely.

Willow will be available for adoption on Feb. 28

Click here to learn more about the Second Chance Medical Fund program.