Baby deer joins a Bay Area couple and their dog during a spring stroll

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A North Bay couple taking in the beautiful spring weather with their dog over the weekend was treated to an unforgettable encounter with mother nature.

The couple spotted a baby deer and its mother during a walk in Tamalpais Valley in Marin County on Sunday.

"Mama Deer took off when she saw us... but the fawn headed right over," writes former KTVU reporter Patti Lee who experienced the rendezvous with her husband and their rescue dog, Samba Pa TI.

Lee caught the fawn's entire visit on camera.

Samba appeared very curious about the other animal which resembled him in size.

He's seen sniffing the fawn and following it around.

The small deer showed no fear and probably would've been content going home with its new friends, according to Lee.

She jokes, "If we hadn't insisted that he rejoin his mother, I think the fawn would have been happy to grow up on Deertrail Lane... with Samba to show him the ropes."

After a delightful visit that offered much opportunity to snap a lot of photos, the fawn eventually returned to its mother.

Lee says it was like being in a Disney movie.

And she credits her dog and his "magical" energy for the Bambi encounter.

Samba is known to get along with other animal species.

"We used to have chickens and he was friends with them as well," says Lee.

The 7-year-old rescue dog has three legs and is described as "the gentlest pup in the world."

Samba has been a part of the family since he was a puppy.

Lee says they brought him into their home after his surgery which turned him into the world's most handsome tripod dog.