Austin's Richard Overton, nation's oldest Veteran, celebrates 110th birthday

"I believe I'm 110, I believe. That's what they say," joked Richard Overton at his East Austin home on Wednesday.

Overton, an Army Sgt. during World War II never fails to give credit to The Almighty for his longevity.

"Uncle Sam tried to take it, he didn't get it. I gave it to God and God got it," he said.

But Overton has a few other tricks up his sleeve: Whiskey and cigars.

In 2013 Governor Rick Perry visited Overton on the East Austin front porch he's been sitting on since coming back from the war in 1945.

Perry brought him a bottle of Maker's Mark.

For his 110th birthday, we brought him another bottle, courtesy of Fox 7.

He's been drinking some other stuff lately though.

"I've been drinking a lot of water, a lot of juice, a lot of Ensure, coffee. Got to drink a lot of water, keeps your blood traveling," Overton said.

Last year, Overton had a bout with Pneumonia, a dangerous illness at his age.

"It wasn't easy. If you get sick, you get weaker. Don't know whether you're going to live or die," Overton said.

But thankfully here he is.

"I don't know if medicine or God done it, one of them done it," he joked.

Some of Overton's old co-workers turned up to wish him a happy birthday. Jerry Tucker worked with him at the State Treasury.

"Richard was quite a character. He's still about as sharp today as he was back then." Tucker said. "He didn't care what color your skin was either. He was the same to anybody he met. And he had a very good sense of humor, which we appreciated. Always carried that cigar with him," Tucker said.

Overton's friend Martin Wilford has known him for 38 years.

"He loves everybody man. And if you're having a bad day, come over here! And I guarantee you he'll tell you some jokes that will make you fall out of your chair," Wilford said.

Here's an example: Overton was asked what he's wishing for on his birthday.

"Well I wish I have another birthday," he joked.

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