Austin police officer injured in shooting

An Austin police officer is injured after a shooting in the 500 block of West Avenue. APD says a suspect involved in the shooting died at the scene.

Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo says the suspect opened fire on the officer during a struggle in the parking lot of Frank & Angie's Pizzeria. The officer immediately returned fire, striking the suspect.

According to police, the entire incident was captured on dash cam.

APD Chief Art Acevedo tweeted that the officer is in stable condition.

The security guard left his desk and attempted to make contact with the suspect before entering a foot pursuit.

The APD officer requests back up and follows the chase to the parking lot of Frank and Angie's.

The security guard knocks the suspect to the ground twice as the officer caught up. The APD officer attempted to help the security guard control the suspect who is struggling and not complying. The security guard and officer continue to struggle with the suspect and that is when the guard notices the suspects gun.

That's when shot rang out.

According to Acevedo, the suspect pulled out a semi-automatic pistol and fired one shot at the APD officer below his vest in the lower abdomen. The officer immediately returned fire, striking the suspect.

Interview with witness of West 6th police shooting

Per APD protocol, the officer has been placed on paid, administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

Acevedo says this incident has nothing to do with Texas Relays in town.