Aspiring Md. musician takes $5 dares online to help pursue his dream

Plenty of aspiring musicians have a day job to make money so they can live. However, not all of their jobs are quite like this one.

But this Maryland man is willing to do almost anything to put some extra cash in his pocket while he pursues his dream.

"I've met some crazy folks and I've met some good ones too, but I thank God that I met you," sings Rodney Wing.

The 22-year-old musician loves everything about music. He pours out his heart writing about past relationships.

"If anything, I'm the one who has made a few mistakes in the past and now I've got to write these ‘I'm super sorry songs,'" said Wing.

You can't write a truly great song without experiencing a little heartache, right?

"There are so many people doing that at the same time," he said. "It's such a flooded area that I really have to do something to kind of separate myself from everybody else at first so that I kind of get noticed and people say, 'Oh, who's that guy?'"

That is what we said when we saw how Wing was making extra cash.

He takes dares from strangers on a website called Fiverr. You market your services starting at $5.

"My dad, he actually told me about it," said Wing. "He wants me to find my way and make my way out of the nest."

The original plan was to write and sell jingles, but he has already done three dares in just two weeks.

"The guy sent me a request," Wing recalled. "He was like, ‘I want you to do this because I'm having a bad day and I really need a laugh.' I was like, 'That is exactly what I'm here for.'"

What he did was pour spaghetti sauce and baked beans over his head.

"It felt kind of weird at first and then it felt kind of natural," he said.

He does have rules.

"Nothing dangerous," said Wing. "Nothing illegal. Nothing creepy."

He wants to be the next Stevie Wonder.

"I think the internet has the potential to take me to unlimited heights," he told us.

Here at FOX 5, we spare no expense. So we decided to dare him to make us a little FOX 5 jingle.

He was up for the challenge. Just 10 minutes later, he was ready.

(Watch the video above to check out the jingle!)

And it was great! He definitely earned our $5 and then some.