Art teacher proudly wears dress decorated by students to art show

An elementary school art teacher showcased her students artwork in a very fashionable and creative way.

Rebecca Bonner teaches art to the pre-K through 5th-grade classes at McAuliffe Elementary School in Texas. She recently had her students create a unique masterpiece she proudly wore to the District Art Show.

With a slew of fabric markers and sharpies, the young Picassos got to work and drew vibrant shapes and figures on a white dress Mrs. Bonner bought from Amazon.

Since the photos of her dress were shared on Twitter by her daughter, the tweet has gone viral with over 10,000 retweets and many comments praising the art teacher.

Bonner told FOX 5 the idea was inspired by her Facebook group 'Elementary Art Teachers' where many fellow art teachers previously made similar dresses. The group is designed to support and help art teachers share ideas and to spread the importance of art.

"Art inspires students to be creators, innovators, problem solvers, and inventors." Bonner said, "We give students the tools they need to express their personal ideas. I have no idea who made the first "kid art dress" but I hope the trend continues because kids love it!"