Art exhibition goes deep -- underwater

You can find art just about anywhere -- and that includes under the sea.

An artificial reef in the Florida Keys has become a temporary gallery for an art exhibition. Video from Florida Keys News Bureau shows divers hanging artwork on the world's second-largest artificial reef.

The photo illustrations are encased in Plexiglas and mounted in silicone-sealed steel frames more than 90 feet below the surface of the Atlantic Ocean on the deck of the sunken USNS Gen. Hoyt S. Vandenberg.

The exhibition is a creation of Austrian art photographer Andres Franke. The art will remain in place for several months, giving Mother Nature a chance to make her mark as well.

"During this time, sealife enrobes the images, gives them colourful frames and an organic patina. The signature of the ocean, entirely inimitable," the artist's website explained.

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