'Do you want to die today?' asks kidnapping, assault suspect at Phoenix airport

Court documents say a 61-year-old man is accused of kidnapping in connection with an incident that happened at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport.

According to investigators, Michael Andre Colville was arrested on March 18 for his alleged role in the incident, which happened on March 17. The incident involved a woman who flew into Sky Harbor from another city. The woman was at her vehicle at Economy Lot B when she was suddenly pushed from behind by another person.

"She fell face down on the back seat of her vehicle," read a portion of the court documents. "The suspect then asked the victim ‘Do you want to die today?’ The victim replied, saying that it wasn't her day."

The victim, according to police, later got into a struggle with the suspect, and managed to kick the suspect in the groin area.

"The suspect held the victim down while stating several times ‘Do you want to die today?’" read a portion of the documents. "The victim continued to struggle, pushing the suspect away until the suspect eventually walked away."

Investigators said video footage shows the victim being followed by a man wearing eyeglasses, and that man was subsequently identified as Colville via photo detection software. Colville was later identified by the victim in a photo lineup.

According to investigators, they tried to question Colville, but he invoked his right for an attorney.

Colville, according to court documents, is on probation for sexual assault, and a judge has set a $50,000 bond for Colville. A preliminary hearing is set for March 28.


Michael Colville

‘Last thing they are thinking of is somebody fighting back’

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