Argentina fans celebrate World Cup victory at Lunas De Buenos Aires

Argentina beat Poland 2-0 Wednesday to move on to Round 16 in the 2023 FIFA World Cup.  

FOX 5 stopped by a watch party held by Lunas De Buenos Aires in Union Market. We caught up with Argentine fans and other D.C. locals enjoying the match. 

The first half was stressful for some, but after the ups and downs, the oohs and ahhs, Argentina came out strong in the second half.  

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"I’m so happy right now," one patron said after Argentina scored its first goal. Throughout the game, fans chanted their country’s anthems loud and proud.

"Bailar woo!" yelled another after the team's second goal soared through the net. 

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One fan felt pure bliss after both goals were scored and said it was "Nice to be with other people who are Argentinian."

Argentina, led by legend Lionel Messi, will face Australia on Saturday. Poland will take on France on Sunday.