An Upper Marlboro dad speaks out after his son was bullied, assaulted at school

An Upper Marlboro father says his son was bullied in class and sexually assaulted. Now, he wants the Prince George’s County school district to do more to address the incidents and prevent them from happening again.

The accusations are alarming, and they involve students at James Madison Middle School who are currently being taught at Forestville High School while their school undergoes renovations.

The family told FOX 5 exclusively that their child was bullied and when they complained about the bullying – they were sexually assaulted in retaliation.

Three students allegedly attacked the victim while he was using the bathroom.

The father says his son was using the bathroom when one student kicked down the stall door, another poured water on his head and a third student is accused of recorded the whole thing and air dropping it to students and staff. It happened three weeks ago, and the victim who was humiliated has remained out of school ever since. 

"I would like for there to be much better communication with the school to us as concerning parents," the victim's father told FOX 5. "My son was sexually exploited. He was victimized. He was physically assaulted, and unfortunately with this major event that took place, I absolutely received no notice from the school whatsoever. I actually had to reach ou to the school, and when I called the school about this event, and mind you this was a week later, the sixth grade administrator says he was shocked no one had called me." 

In an email to FOX 5, a Prince George's County Public Schools spokesperson said what took place was an isolated incident and due to privacy a letter was not sent home to parents. 

The three students involved are facing disciplinary action, but the victim’s family says that’s not enough.

FOX 5 has reached out to the Prince George’s County Police Department, and we’re awaiting their response.