Amsterdam Falafelshop in Adams Morgan offers pot pairing menu

You have probably heard of restaurants that offer suggestions to pair food with wine or beer. Now that marijuana is legal in Washington D.C., one restaurant is taking the next step.

An Adams Morgan restaurant created a new menu that offers patrons weed pairing suggestions to go with their feed.

When hungry people in D.C. need a flavor for falafel, they head to Amsterdam Falafelshop.

Owners Scott and Arianne Bennett have sparked up their menu with a pot pairing menu.

Just like gourmet restaurants suggesting wine, beer or whiskey pairings for their food, the menu suggests what kind of falafel to eat after you have legally smoked weed.

"You can have a selection of sandwiches in the way that they are topped in order to enjoy and enhance your existing buzz," said Arianne.

The pot pairing menu is detailed and lists different varieties of marijuana along with their corresponding falafel.

"It's pairing different weed with different types of food," said Scott. "You're tasting different things. I mean, different weed taste differently."

For example, the menu says Afghani weed goes best with "a generous dose of baba ganoush."

Lemon Haze marijuana compliments "a swipe of hummus" while Cabbage Patch weed is nicely accented by "a drizzle of garlic cream."

It is also no secret that the number 420 is a not so secret code among pot smokers. On April 20, Amsterdam Falafelshop is selling all of its sandwiches for $4.20.

Now as a reminder, you can't come in here and smoke marijuana and eat falafel.

Even so, regulars at the restaurant welcome the pot pairing menu as a natural next step of the legalization movement in D.C.

"It's fantastic that some of the local businesses are taking advantage of it," one customer told us.

"Marijuana is legal in Washington D.C. and pot goes good with food," said another customer.

And yes, while it is a novelty now, Scott and Arianne expect pot pairing menus will be in all sorts of restaurants.

"Wine has always been the thing you talk about, that everybody is drinking wine and pairing with foods, and now pot is sort of known as the new wine," Arianne said.

The only difference? This restaurant is definitely not BYOP (Bring Your Own Pot).