Amazon warehouse in Baltimore works to fill Cyber Monday orders

Your Cyber Monday orders are born on your computer.

But there is a complex network of controlled chaos that has to work just right to make sure your order is completed and shipped on time.

That controlled chaos is what happens every day at the Amazon Fulfillment center in Baltimore, Maryland.

The 1 million-square foot warehouse - large enough to fit 28 football fields - employs thousands of people and is open 24-hours a day.

Kelly Cheeseman spoke with FOX 5's Bob Barnard at the height of the Cyber Monday rush and compared Baltimore's Amazon warehouse to Santa's Workshop. She said as many as 15 million items could be in the warehouse complex at any given time and called Cyber Monday their busiest day of the year.

"The focus is getting items to customers when they want it, how they want it," Cheeseman said adding that Amazon always investing to expand its delivery methods.

Over a dozen miles of conveyor belts carry packages through a carefully orchestrated symphony of automations and workers to take the orders from your fingertips - to your home and business.