Alleged campaign sign saboteur behind bars

An accused political sign saboteur is locked up. He's in trouble for ruining a bunch of campaign signs in Douglas County. This alleged campaign sign culprit is now being processed at the Douglas County jail. Deputies say he turned himself in today after hearing the Law was looking for him.

The major clue that investigators had to work with was video; a business camera capturing the vandalism on Bankhead Highway on March 29. The signs, slammed to the ground, belonging to candidates for the 2016 sheriff's election. Republican and Democrat signs were equally targeted and all ruined.

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"This is something campaigners and their supporters back financially. No matter what your political leaning is, you can't just kick down signs," explained Lt. Glenn Daniel with the Douglas County Sheriff's Office.

Investigators didn't know who the suspect was. They posted the video on their social media sites, and the tips came pouring in.

That meant the pressure was turned on for the culprit to come clean.

Hank Jenkins, 55, surrendered Thursday. He was booked into the Douglas County Jail on a number of charges, including criminal trespassing and damage to property. His hijinks, say police, costing the candidates hundreds of dollars.

Jenkins will have to go before a judge, since police say this is his third criminal trespassing offense.