All-out war declared between the #GoodDayDC and #GoodNightDC crews

Some of you may have noticed the beef that has been brewing on social media between our Good Day DC morning crew and our GoodNight DC crew in the evening.

It has now turned into an all-out war!

It all started with a FOX 5 News at 10 promotional picture. It looked so good that the decorators put it in a frame over the fireplace here in our brand new Loft studio.

But the morning crew, who apparently claim the Loft studio belongs only to them, decided to take their own photo trying to mimic the nightside crew's picture.

The morning group even replaced the FOX 5 News at 10 picture on the fireplace mantle with their own picture while hiding the nightsiders' photo.

Well, someone took the Good Day DC photo off the mantle and put the nightside team's photo of Shawn Yancy, Tony Perkins, Will Thomas, Sue Palka and Scott Smith back.

The Good Day DC gang was not happy their picture was gone and they tweeted a threatening note: "Dear nightsiders, we know what you did. Return what you have stolen if you ever want to see your precious photo again!"

Well, the threat was not appreciated by the nightsiders and the morning crew's picture was "edited" with what appears to be mullets, beards and mustaches, possibly drawn from a pen or Sharpie, onto Steve Chenevey, Allison Seymour, Maureen Umeh, Holly Morris, Tucker Barnes, Wisdom Martin and Mike Thomas.

After seeing this, Chenevey declared war and payback while Morris also tweeted she is plotting revenge. Chenevey even challenged the nightside group to a tug of war. But Tony Perkins and Shawn Yancy were not in the mood for any tug of war battle.

So how should these two crews settle this dispute? And which side are you on? #GoodDayDC or #GoodNightDC? Share your support on our Facebook and Twitter pages!