Alexandria owner offers free yoga for a year if vandal turns self in

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Instead of getting mad, one woman in Alexandria is taking a different approach with vandals who targeted her small business. She has decided to offer them a little inner peace.

Sara Lavan is living her dream by bringing the joy of yoga, dance, Pilates and cardio classes to people at her Local Motion Studio.

Given that her line of work revolves around happiness and inner peace, she was amazed recently when someone vandalized her small business sign.

"I literally couldn't believe it," Lavan said. "It was shocking."

The vandals did a real number on her sign that cost her about $1,000. It was a major investment for this single mother when she first started her business.

"You do think of yoga and you are kind of like, ‘Wow!' she said. "There are so many other businesses you would think might be more angry. But why would someone do that to this business?"

This story could have ended there. But they say the yoga classes they teach here are not just about exercising your body, it is also about teaching compassion and opening your heart. So that is what Lavan decided to do.

"I was like, ‘Wow, we absolutely should offer a year of free of yoga to the person who did this,'" said Lavan.

She said it tongue-in-cheek at first and joking that if anyone could use a little Zen in their life, it would be criminals.

"I've had jokes of people saying they wish they could claim it," she said.

But this yoga devotee said she means what she says and would absolutely honor her offer if the vandals ever turn up at her studio looking for a little inner peace. If not, she hopes they at least look for it elsewhere.

"The message is, as a whole, I think we need more kindness," she said. "I think it's warmed people's hearts that do feel this way already and I think it made some people think. I think it's a positive message no matter what the outcome is after it."