After 100s of vehicles clog Annapolis during Saturday demonstration, Monday Reopen Md protest attracts only a few

In stark contrast to a Saturday demonstration, only a handful of protesters made an appearance Monday in Annapolis for a second Reopen Maryland demonstration.

City officials had warned residents to plan ahead after activists announced that they would hold a “Reopen Maryland."

On Saturday, hundreds of vehicles reportedly clogged Annapolis' streets, and the blare of horns drowned out St. Anne's Parish's church bells.

The demonstration was one of dozens that have popped up in state capitals across the country among activists who are urging governors to lift restrictions that have been put in place to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Monday's presence was a stark contrast to the demonstration that erupted in Maryland's capital over the weekend.

On Saturday, long lines of cars snaked through the narrow streets of Maryland’s capital as part of a protest pushing back against widespread shutdowns of businesses. 

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Reopen Maryland has received more than 2,000 signatures to a petition asking Gov. Larry Hogan to immediately reopen businesses as well as educational and religious institutions. 

Protesters waved signs reading “All jobs are essential,” “Shut down the shutdown” and “It’s 2020, not Orwell’s 1984.” 

Several people carried Trump 2020 signs.

Hogan, along with Virginia Governor Ralph Northam and D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser, have closed “non-essential business” and gathering places.

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The restrictions have contributed to record-unemployment across the country – but state officials say they’re necessary for stalling a  virus that has killed more than 40,000 people across the country.

Some states have already begun easing restrictions.

Stores in Texas can begin selling merchandise with curbside service, and hospitals can resume nonessential surgeries. In Florida, people are returning to beaches and parks. And protesters are clamoring for more.

DC, Maryland and Virginia coronavirus case total latest

Governors eager to rescue their economies and feeling heat from demonstrators and President Donald Trump are moving to ease restrictions meant to control the spread of the coronavirus, even as new hot spots emerge and experts warn that moving too fast could prove disastrous.

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