Activists speak out after cyclist's death in DC

Days after an outspoken cycling safety advocate was hit and killed while riding his bike in D.C., Fellow riders are demanding action.

David Salovesh was really well known in cycling circles in the area. He had actually written about the need for protected bike lanes in several local publications -- and on Sunday, a huge crowd came out to the site where the crash took place -- near Florida Ave. and 12th St. -- to pay their respects.

In addition to that, they say they want to see some change.

On Monday, FOX 5 talked to Rachel Maisler, who was friends with Salovesh and also is really outspoken about bike safety in the District.

"I'm furious, I'm livid. I've been screaming at the top of my lungs very publicly for eight months in what I think is an effective way, and we've only seen incremental change. The needle is starting to move and I appreciate that, but we need more change and we need it yesterday," said Maisler.

The city says they are taking steps to make things safer for cyclists, including hardening a lot of left turns, prohibiting many right turns on red and also adding some protected bike lanes with plans to do more in the future.

"Our team here takes this incredibly seriously. We've been working diligently to deploy safety measures that we know have proven to be effective and have yielded results, and we'll continue to do that. We know that there isn't going to be one magic answer to fix every single problem," DDOT Director Jeff Marootian.

Police say Salovesh was hit by someone who was driving a stolen van. That person has been charged with second-degree murder.