911 dispatcher helps Phoenix dad deliver newborn son

Even thought he's only a day old, little Donovan has a remarkable story to tell.

"All of a sudden, she's like, 'This baby is coming, call 911!'" Marc said. "The operator, was a saint, a godsend, calmed us down, told us what to do, a couple pushes and the baby came flying out right into my hands. I think from the first contraction to the time he came out was less than 15 minutes."

Quick, but a few weeks early from his due date of January 5.

Donovan's big sister Olivia has been looking forward to this day for a long time. The 3-year-old was home too when Donovan made his mark on the world, but not nearby.

On the phone, the 911 dispatcher was the only other person there to help.

"It was indescribable, it was exciting, I was texting everyone I got to do this, so fun, and then to hear how excited he was, he was mesmerized," Julie said. "It was wonderful."

This is the first time Julie is meeting the family and all five pounds of little Donovan. Mom is thankful that they don't live far from the hospital, but it was nearly impossible to get here there.

"The contractions started so fast, unbelievable, [I] couldn't get her to the car, she was in so much pain," Marc said.

His parents will go home soon, but Donovan will stay in the hospital for several more days with a feeding tube, then go home. He was born three and a half weeks early.

Donovan is a little guy with a big story to tell.