80-year-old Potomac woman escapes after being kidnapped by escaped convict, police say

An 80-year-old woman walked away unharmed after police say she was kidnapped from her own home by an escaped convict in Montgomery County.

Montgomery County police say 39-year-old Robert Dove posed as a roofer when he came to her door, but forced his way into the woman's Potomac home after she questioned his story.

According to investigators Dove has been charged with home invasion, armed robbery, first-degree assault, and kidnapping after he forced his way into the woman's home, robbed her, and took her from her home on a drive around Montgomery County.

Documents obtained by FOX 5 show Dove's lengthy criminal history, including burglary, assault, drug possession, destruction of property, violating protective orders, as well as false imprisonment.

According to court documents, Dove previously had lived at the address where he had broken in.

Officials say Dove had escaped from a pre-release program and violated his agreement with police. He arrived at the woman's home, initially claiming to be a roof inspector. She was hesitant to let him in, but he reportedly pushed her and forced his way into the home.

Police say Dove showed the woman a knife and demanded money and jewelry, which she gave him. Dove then told the victim he wanted her to drive to an ATM and get more money, but she convinced him to go for a drive in her car, where they drove around Montgomery County and ended up at restaurant in Poolesville.

"It is a very violent crime to force your way into somebody's house, and assault them in a way that makes them feel their life is threatened then also kidnap and take them for lack of a better word on a few hours 'tour' of having lunch with the victim and you know, threatening her in way that really made her scared for her life," said Ramon Korionoff with Montgomery County State's Attorney's Office.

The woman told investigators she wanted to get to a place where she was around other people.

When the suspect saw people he knew at the restaurant, Dove told his acquaintances that the woman was his friend.

After eating, Dove reportedly suggested that they return to the woman's home, but she said that she would pay him to stay at hotel. She covered the charges for three nights at a Hilton Hotel on Rockville Pike.

He told the woman to drive home and call him once she got there, but she used the opportunity to go to a friend's house and told her what had happened.

The friend encouraged the woman to call police, but she was scared for her life, and was concerned that if Dove got out of jail at some point, he would hurt her or ask someone to hurt her.

Officials say they were looking for Dove and had issued a warrant for his arrest for violating a pre-release agreement. Montgomery County police say they received a tip that Dove was at the hotel, and received a call from the 80-year-old victim reporting what had occurred.

"She actually went to a friend's house, after this occurred, after she was will the break free from the suspect. She paid for his hotel room, left the hotel, went to a friend's house, her friend urged her to call police. She went home and called us the next day and reported what had occurred," said Sgt. Rebecca Innocenti with Montgomery County police.

"She was fearful but throughout the ordeal, she made decisions that she thought were best for herself to keep herself safe which she did," said Sgt. Innocenti.

According to detectives, when Dove was interviewed, he confessed to the home invasion and kidnapping.

Dove has been held without bond after a court hearing on Monday. He is due to face a judge next month.