67-year-old Atlanta man missing for a month

Family members said it has been one month since anyone has seen or heard from Johnnie Leon Clark, 67.

According to relatives, Clark left his senior apartment building at 2440 Barge Road in southwest Atlanta to go fishing on September 24 and never returned.

"I'm very concerned and worried about him because he normally don't do this," said Mark Reed, Barge's youngest brother. "He always contact the family. He just [doesn't] just run off and just leave without contacting somebody like that."

Clark had lived in the Barge Road Apartments for about a decade and his brother said he never missed a rent payment until now.

Family members have posted flyers at bus stops and convenience stores near the Barge Road and Campbellton Road intersection in the hopes that someone will recognize Clark's photo and call the police.

"That would be a big help to the family to know that he's OK. Right now, we don't know if he's OK, where he at, if he's in another state, nothing. If he could just give us a call and say, 'I'm alright.' That'd be a big burden off the family right there," said Reed.

The Atlanta Police Adult Missing Persons Unit has opened an investigation into the case. Anyone with information should call 404-546-4235.

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