6-month-old breaks youngest water-skiing record in Polk County

She's tiny, and she can't walk yet, but she's breaking the world record for being the youngest water-skier, and she didn't just break it, she crushed it!

Little Zyla is only 6 months and 27 days old, and last weekend, she water-skied nearly 700 feet down Lake Grew in Polk City.

Her attempt at the world record happened after her father, Keith, set a pending world record in barefoot water-skiing at the barefoot water ski tournament earlier that day, according to World Barefoot Center in Winter Haven.

On her first attempt the day before, she skied just 62 feet.

The current world record holder is Parks Bonifay, who grew up to be a professional wakeboarder. He water-skied just over 100 feet at 6 months, 29 days.

In addition to water-skiing, little Zyla has mastered rolling on her belly from her back, and her back to her belly again.

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