5 things you can do every day to add extra time to your week

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During the week, it seems like there are not enough hours in the day to finish everything you need and want to do.

Then, after the weekend is over, we often wonder…where did the time go?

Brittany Hodak, the co-founder of ZinePak, joined us to share 5 things you can do every day to add extra time to your week.

1. Learn while you burn. Don't just spend your gym time working out your body – use it to work out your mind too! Read or watch fun and educational videos while you are working out.

2. Charge up your commute. If you are taking the bus or train, use an app during the commute to read on your tablet or to listen to an audio book.

3. Solve a marketing challenge in the AM. Think about challenging problems while you do your morning routine. Solving a problem while in the shower, or while shaving, or while getting dressed, can save you time later in the day.

4. Tidy up while you talk. While you're on the phone – get some work done. Especially around the house!

5. Catch up on social media during TV. Use commercial breaks during your favorite TV shows to check email or catch up on social media.

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